Novellas & Short Stories

     I initially put these books on one of my other lists, but finally decided to make a separate list because there are too many differences among the stories.  First, all of the novellas have happy endings, but I couldn’t put all the stories on the same list.  Dividing up the book seemed too pedantic so I’ve left the reader to make his own evaluations.
     That was the problem with the anthologies.  Though all of them were excellent, several of the stories were not romantic and/or didn’t have happy endings.  In general, I prefer novels to short stories; there is a lot of excellent writing and storytelling in the three collections on this list.

     Best Gay Love Stories, 2005 – Nick Street, ed.
     Best Gay Love Stories, 2006 – Nick Street, ed.
     Best Gay Love Stories, New York City – Brad Nichols, ed.
     Benbow, Dave & Jon Jeffrey, Ben Tyler, Sean Wolfe  Man of My Dreams (2004)
     Herren, Greg & Michael Thomas Ford, Timothy Ridge, Sean Wolfe  Midnight Thirsts (2005)
     Jeffrey, Jon & Chris Kenry, William J. Mann, Ben Tyler All I Want for Christmas (2003)
     Kenry, Chris & William Mann, Andy Schell, Ben Tyler Summer Share (2002)


Erotica List

      This isn’t a long list because I don’t care for erotica.  However, in my search for gay romances, I’ve read several erotic romances.  I’ve listed them without comment.
      There is a growing body of homoerotic erotica written by straight women for straight women.  Most of these are romances.  I haven’t made  any attempt to list all the books in this category because there are far too many.  If you’re interested in this kind of romance, there are several houses that offer a wide range of books.  Many of these books are available only in e-book format.  There are probably many more houses that offer these books than the few I’ve listed below.

     Aile, Rhianne  To Love a Cowboy (2007)
           _____Justice (2007)
     Blue, Ally  Love’s Evolution (2006)
           ____Willow Bend (2006)
     Kersten, Shayla  The Cost of Eternity (2007)
     Langley, J.L.  The Tin Star (2006)
           _____ The Broken H (2007)
     Lear, James  The Back Passage (2006)
     Owen, Chris  Bareback (2003)
           ______ Natural Disaster (2006)
     Rhodes, M.L.  Always (2007)
     Rowan, Lee Walking Wounded (2007)
          ____Winds of Change (2007)
     Wolfe, Sean Close Contact (2005)

     Amber Quill Press –
     Dreamspinner Press  –
     Ellora’s Cave  –
     Linden Bay Romance –
     Loosell –


     This list is something of a sidebar to the website.  When I’m not combing the shelves looking for romances, I like to read mysteries.  I haven’t read nearly as many as I would like, but here are a few I think you might enjoy.  All of them feature a gay protagonist.

     Bidulka, Anthony Amuse Bouche (2003).  The mystery begins with a gay wedding that didn’t take place because one of the grooms vanished.  There’s virtually no sexual activity on the part of the detective or anyone else.
     ______Flight of Aquavit (2004) There was the promise of more sex in this book, but the best part was that the man who was being blackmailed was making progress toward facing up to his sexuality.  The twist at the end caught me by surprise.

     Blue, Ally  Oleander House (2006)\ It is a paranormal mystery – I don’t get the paranormal part – but I stayed up late to finish the book, as much to find out if Sam and Bo get together as to find out what was causing all the deaths.
     ______What Hides Inside (2007) A new mystery, and a continuation of the romance between Sam and Bo.

     Craft, Michael – The series is complete at seven books.  The main character is a journalist who moves from Chicago to a small town to run his own newspaper.  This was a relaxed series, more like an English cozy, yet I enjoyed it.  There wasn’t a lot about the relationship between the journalist and his partner, but most of the stories involved gay characters.
     _____Flight Dreams (1997)
     _____Eye Contact (1998)
     _____Body Language (1999)
     _____Name Games (2000)
     _____Boy Toy (2001)
     _____Hot Spot (2002)
     _____Bitch Slap (2004)

    Grey, Dorien  – This series is still going, but the author has started a second, so it may be coming to an end.  I enjoyed it because the protagonist had sex on his mind most of the time.  You are never able to forget that he’s gay and an integral part of  a gay community.  After being something of a slut in the first few books, he settles down with a partner, but my interest in the series didn’t diminish.  It’s a fun series with lots of humor.
     _____The Butcher’s Son (2001)
     _____The 9th Man (2001)
     _____The Bar Watcher (2001)
     _____The Hired Man (2002)
     _____The Good Cop (2002)
     _____The Bottle Ghosts (2003)
     _____The Dirt Peddler (2003)
     _____The Role Players  (2004)
     _____The Popsicle Tree (2004)
     _____The Paper Mirror (2005)
     _____The Dream Ender (2007)

     Herren, Greg– I like to call these fun mysteries without implying they’re somehow deficient in quality.  Scottyisn’t your average detective.  He’s a personal trainer and makes extra money as a gogo dancer.  Chanse is a private eye, but this is New Orleans.  Everything is different there.
 Scotty Bradley series
      _____Bourbon Street Blues (2003)
      _____Jackson Square Jazz (2004)
      _____Mardi Gras Mambo (2006)
 Chanse MacLeod series
      _____Murder in the Rue Dauphine (2002)
      _____Murder in the Rue St. Anne (2004)

     Morgan, John – I’m not sure that harsh sufficiently describes the tone of this series.  Brutal is more accurate though it does become less dark as the series continues.  I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a lead character suffer so much, and I’ve read a lot of Russian literature.  That not withstanding, it’s an excellent series which is still going.
     _____Simple Justice (1996)
     _____Revision of Justice (1997)
     _____Justice at Risk (1999)
     _____The Limits of Justice (2000)
     _____Blind Eye (2003)
     _____Moth and Flame (2004)
     _____Rhapsody in Blood (2006)

    Nava, Michael  – I was sorry to see this series come to an end.  It’s not often that a lawyer is the protagonist in a mystery series, but these are not your typical mystery plots.  Do yourself a favor and read all seven.
     _____Little Death (1986)
     _____Golden Boy (1988)
     _____How Town (1990)
     _____The Hidden Law (1992)
     _____The Death of Friends (1996)
     _____The Burning Plain (1997)
     _____Rag and Bone (2001)



  1. You left out Sean Kennedy’s ‘Tigers and Devils’, one of the best m/m romances I’ve read. We are reminded just how human we are and the foolish and stupid mistakes that we make. Hope you check it out.

  2. I’ll put it on my “to be purchased as soon as I have the money” list. It’s rather long these days thanks to the suggestions I’m getting from readers.

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