Over the last twenty-five years, I’ve been writing mainstream romances under a pseudonym.  When I started reading gay romances, I thought they would follow the same story structure as “straight” romances.  They don’t.  Though gay romances have been written for several decades, there’s no gay romance genre such as there is in mainstream romance.  As a consequence, each author, editor, or publishing house has his own definition of what makes a romance.  I have bought books described as romances only to discover that romance makes up only a small part of the books.  Or the attraction was instant and the rest of the book was about something else.  In a couple of cases, the “romances” were actually stories of committed couples breaking up.  Having published over forty romances and having read at least a thousand more, I found this very frustrating.  So I starting writing a brief summary of each book I read detailing what I liked and didn’t like about each one.  My lists came out of that process.
     I have more than one list and will probably come up with still more.  My focus is on books that are romances, some that just miss, and others that don’t come close but have been called romances anyway.  The other lists, which I haven’t attempted to make comprehensive, have grown out of my search for romances.
      The primary purpose of all these lists is to tell you about books I have enjoyed.  It’s not to review the books or attempt to assess their literary value.  I’m simply telling you about books I think qualify as romances and why I liked them.  I’m hoping you’ll have found some books I have missed and that you’ll tell me about them.  I’m also hoping that there are so many of us out there that publishers will be encouraged to buy more romances in the future.
     Since I believe in allowing everyone a right to his opinion, you’re perfectly free to disagree with me.  You can let me know why by emailing me at  I’ll make every attempt to respond.


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