pic0131     My name is H. Leigh Aubrey.  (A pseudonym!)  I was born many years ago before cell phones, before computers, even before television.  If the world hadn’t been suffering through a gut-wrenching world war, the arrival of a misfit might have been noticed.  As it was, my advent passed under the radar.  Yes, they did have radar back then.
     I’m a romantic.  I always have been even though I spent many years trying to be something else.  I’m not sure exactly what that was, but since I’m not trying to be “it” any more, it doesn’t really matter.  Suffice it to say that I poured a lot of energy into being married and rearing a family.  While the rewards were many, they were never enough to alleviate the stress of attempting to deny something as basic as my sexuality.  I should have pulled up my socks and had the courage to come out when the last child left for college, but I used the excuse that I didn’t have anyone I wanted to see/date/marry, so why upset the applecart for nothing?
     Well, the applecart turned over on its own, and just short of retirement age I came tumbling out of the closet despite being grey and balding.  What an attractive sight!  Not an optimum time to make your appearance in the gay world.  Grandfathers aren’t in great demand on the bar scene.  And while I’m not actually a grandfather, I would be if my children weren’t such slackers.  Fortunately, there are other old farts looking for an old fart like me.  And some not-so-old guys who have shown enough interest to keep my ego from withering away completely.
     Being a romantic – I know I’ve already said that – I believe there’s a special someone who’s been waiting just for me.  It would be easy to get stuck in the interviewing process, but we romantics never settle for an imitation or even a quality knock off.  I’m holding out for the real McCoy.
     I like few things better than reading a good gay romance.  And rereading it and rereading it.  I’ve read every book that has been nominated for a Lambda award in the romance category, but I have found very few that fit my definition of a romance.  As a matter of fact, I think several of them are very unromantic.  I’ve never believed I was unique, so I’m assuming there are others out there like me looking for satisfying, romantic stories.  It’s my hope that we can band together to help each other.



  1. You may not be a spring chicken but you are a striking man for your age!

  2. you are like fine wine,it matures with age.

  3. I’m glad you enjoyed the book. Nothing makes an author feel better than to hear from a satisfied reader

  4. I was born before computers myself, and remember the old dial phones, long before they had these fancy pushbutton jobies of today. LOL. I am a romantic at heart to. Guess that’s why I’m interested in writing a romance novel.

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